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I'm a bit of an expert when it comes to packing an inflight bag. Whether I'm jetting off to prep the England Women's Football Team, on location for a magazine shoot or going on holiday, I always have a handful of tried-and-trusted go-to essentials at the ready to ensure I arrive at my destination looking and feeling good! Here are a few of my favourite travel companions and inflight beauty tips.    

Prep Work  

From my experience as a make-up artist and facialist, it's always important to do a bit of pre-flight prep. I make sure my skin is at its most hydrated, and if I have time, book in for a pre-travel facial (a DIY at home facial is the perfect alternative) two or three days before traveling.  

Multi-tasking Marvels  

I'm always on the hunt for multifunction products to pack for a flight and for travel. Top of my list? No surprise, it's Tri-Balm! I created my first multi-tasking balm with travel in mind, which is why Tri-Balm does three jobs in one – cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising. It keeps my beauty kit down to a minimum when I'm on the go and when there's only room in your hand luggage for a few things. It's also a brilliant leave-on mask that you can keep on during the flight to ensure your skin is hydrated to the max. Tri-Balm has become such a favourite with so many travelers and it's now available on board Easy Jet and Thomas Cook Airlines and will soon be on board Norwegian Airlines. Another of my favourite multi-taskers is Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lavender Mint Conditioner, £15.50, a blend of moisture-rich conditioners, calming lavender, mint and tea tree extracts which you can use to moisturise your hands and body and to condition your hair. Decant into a travel-sized bottle for inflight moisturising.





Spritz and Go! 

A good facial spritz is essential to keep skin hydrated while you're in the air. It's also a great refresher to perk you up as you travel. Decant your favourite facial mist into a travel-sized misting bottle (100 ml is the maximum size that you can carry in your hand luggage). Muji have a huge range of refillable bottles that are perfect for travel including Muji Clear Spray Bottle, £4.50. You can make your own refreshing and hydrating spray using mineral water and a few drops of rose, lavender or mandarin essential oil with a few drops of Vitamin E oil. Burst a capsule of Vitamin E and add it to your spritz to keep skin moisturised.  

Lip Treat  

I don't leave home without a lip balm, and it's a must-have for flying where the cabin air is super-dehydrating. A quick-fix tip for buffing away any dry skin is to mix a bit of balm with your exfoliator and to massage it in, then wipe away for super-smooth lips. You can also dry brush your lips with a soft toothbrush, then apply plenty of balm to moisturise. Invest in an eco-friendly toothbrush, such as the Humble Toothbrush, £3.99, which you can also use to tame your eyebrows.  

Inflight Face  

I like to travel bare-faced, apply a hydrating mask for the duration, and then to apply make-up at the end of the flight before I disembark. If you want a hint of make-up, then a BB cream is quick and easy. Pixi Beauty Balm, £22, which is the perfect combination of light coverage and skincare benefits with hydrating hyaluronic acid and soothing chamomile. Or mix a few drops of your usual moisturiser with your foundation to create a sheer finish for a fresh, polished look.  

Pixi Beauty Balm

Double Up  

Nothing makes you look fresher after a long flight than a touch of blush. I'm a huge fan of cream blush as you can also use it as a lip stain. My all-time favourite is Stila's Cult Convertible Colour, £18, which comes in 5 skin-enhancing shades. Dab it on to the apples of your cheeks for a fresh flush and then pat onto lips with a bit of balm for a gorgeous lip-tint. For a quick lash and brow transformation, clear brow and lash gels are perfect. E.L.F. Clear Brow & Lash Gel, £3, is a clever double-ended lash and brow enhancer adds a glossy shine and will tame unruly brows too.

Stila Convertible Blusher


Wherever you're jetting off to, Bon Voyage!

Buy Tri Balm direct from us here.

You can also buy direct on your Easy Jet, Thomas Cook & selected Norwegian Airlines flights, or in the B.A. Lounge. 




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